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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sanford Compares Plight To King David - Are You Kidding?

LMAO!!!!! Who didn't see this coming?!?!? Okeeee-dokeeee, then. What's next, Sanford, "The devil made me do it?"

Not only did this guy abandon his responsibilities as governor, cheat on his wife, and use taxpayer money to fund his little love trips, now he wants people to pity him and think of him as a fabled leader of equally dubious morality who supposedly turned out to be a great leader if you happen to believe that particular fairy tale.

So, somebody needs to get Markey some serious counseling and mental health treatment fast. They need to get him out of government even faster. Next thing you know he'll be walking the streets of Columbia in flowing robs and proclaiming himself to be the Second Coming.

I really feel bad for his wife and kids. How awful must it be to have a complete and total schmuck like this guy as your husband or father?!? He's embarrassed himself, his family, the state of South Carolina and, with my own personal and heartfelt congratulations, the Republican party.

Like you Rs needed a member of the self-righteous, ultra-conservative, Christian neo-con element of your party to come out of nowhere and shoot another foot off.
- Having a born-again moron like W leading your party and believing that his god told him to invade Iraq wasn't enough.
- Having Cheney come out of 8 years of hiding to try and protect his own ass and, by extension, admit that he violated the Constitution and everything this country stands for and is now trying to completely and totally alienate and remove any semblance of rational thinking in the party by siding with Limbaugh over Collin Powell wasn't enough.
- Having the Laurel and Hardy team of Rush and Beck as your new public relations guys wasn't enough.

Now you have your own reincarnation of King David governing a state which brought us such bastions of progressive thinking and inclusion as Strom Thurman (anyone know if they buried him in his Grand Dragon hood) and, until recently, was still flying that ultimate symbol of American racism, the Stars and Bars, over the very dome where Sanford stumbled all over himself trying to apologize for something that if done by a Democratic governor Limbaugh and Beck would have already whipped up enough outrage to motivate another shooting.

It's bad enough that Sanford cheated on his wife, but what kind of insanity leads the governor of a state to think he can disappear for days and no one will notice or care?!?? And has he never heard of airport security cameras? He's clearly not processing his thoughts and emotions on a rational level and needs serious help. The state legislature needs to remove him immediately. That would actually be the best thing, relatively speaking, that the Republican party could do for itself. At least it would show some amount of consistency between all the blow-hard self-righteousness and how the party actually behaves.

One last thing before anyone starts trotting out the tired, old Clinton and Kennedy stories - kudos again btw, Brucey, for at least updating to Edwards on Facebook!.

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At least the R's are winning - by my tally 7-1 - in something.....................Too bad it's the game of Moral Hypocrisy.