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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fox News Looses Last Bit of Credibility with Palin Hire

As if the last scintilla of any real news journalism credibility hadn't already been sacrificed in honor of Beckwits everywhere, they've finally gone and pulled the trigger on someone who is undoubtedly the dumbest person ever to get into national politics; someone even dumber than W. It'll sadly and probably be good for ratings, though. Got to give them that. They know how to feed crap to and make billions from people who seem all too willing to eat it up without question and with a giant spoon.

Hiring Palin to somehow be a respectable and reputable commentator on something she knows nothing about? Are they kidding? Oh wait, she was governor, but that didn't seem to suit her, either. But then, there is all of that hard work she puts into reading books, magazines and newspapers in order to keep up with what's happening in the world, you betcha'.

IMHO, the only people Fox News should still have any credibility with are the couple in the Twinkies/HoHos wedding cake photo that circulated in email a few years back. I honestly can't see how any other segment of the population doesn't see through their charade.

So, good f****** luck with that. We all might as well subscribe to the The Globe for additional in-depth and investigative news, shut down all the other news companies, and stop all funding of public news organizations. Fox has Sarah and that's all we need to know.

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