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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Responding to the Conservative Propaganda Machine

Wake up, America.

Spread the word.

Call out the corporate conservative media...
.....and those you know when they regurgitate the b.s. spouted by Fox, Rush, Savage, and the entire GOP-Tea Party.

Responding to the Conservative Propaganda Machine

"Now more than ever, we need effective governance in the various sectors, including both public and private, to save our country from collapse. Yet what we have is a deep collusion between wealthy corporatists and a significant cabal in government. Their collusion is profoundly anti-democratic and even anti-market (as demonstrated by the devastating impacts of their policies on financial markets in 2008). So what we're getting is a group of financiers who set up communication systems to manipulate public perception and drive boom-crash cycles in the economy to siphon all forms of wealth into their coffers."

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