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Saturday, October 1, 2011

While it does sometimes seem like things never change, I still hope for something different in my lifetime.

During my daily commute I've been listening to the book "Don't Know Much About History: Everything You Need to Know About American History but Never Learned" (

It's amazing how similar the times we live in now resemble the Gilded Age's concentrated corporate wealth dictating to government the policies and laws that only increased the imbalance and led to economic collapse.

My kids understand the the lunacy of our generation better than we do. They know how badly some of us have gone astray and screwed things up. I'm encouraged by their morals, ethics, and sense of right and wrong.

What's happening on Wall Street now and in places elsewhere in the country is another positive sign. Here's Lee Camp's take on it:

The invitation is still open if anyone wants to meet up in DC on Oct 29.

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