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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perry's Bigoted Christian Ad

I couldn't believe this was real when I saw it.

Maybe I can get the conversation started by asking some questions based exactly on the things he says.

1. What is so wrong with gays serving openly in the military?
Have we been attacked since repeal of DADT? Have their been mass resignations? Are the well-armed and well-trained gays suddenly forcing straight servicemen and women to engage in homosexual acts at gun point?

How about we all grow up on this question and stop acting like sex is the only thing that matters or that it's anyone's business but the people involved?

2. Who is keeping anyone from celebrating Christmas openly?
I haven't seen any jack-booted Obamanators rounding up and burning Christmas trees. Christians just seem to be acting like selfish children (again) by not acknowledging that theirs is NOT the only holiday being celebrated at this time of year.

Besides, this whole "season" is mostly about commerce.

3. Prayer in school is a resolved issue.
It flies in the face of separation of church and state. Everyone knows that. If you want your kid to pray in school, send him to a private school that allows open prayer, be it Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or whatever.

How come you never hear Jews or Muslims or Hindus or Buddhists or Druids or whatever whining about this?

4. Obama's war on religion?
What war? Where? Against whom? Being waged how? Everyone knows what he's implying here: that scary half-black Barack HUSSEIN Obama is really a Muslim, and we all know what that leads to next, right?

Yep. The birth certificate.

5. What Liberal attacks against religious heritage?
No one I know denies the role religion has played in our cultural and national development.

In fact, we liberals seem to be the ones who have to keep reminding people like Perry about that pesky First Amendment to the Constitution.

Look, I get it. Everyone gets it. Faith plays an important role in many people's lives. There's nothing wrong with that. What's wrong, IMHO, is the endless attempts by zealous Christians at rewriting history to somehow claim that it was because we were and are a predominantly Christian nation as the only reason we grew strong as nation and now is how we can somehow regain whatever it is they claim we've supposedly lost.

This ad is just another example of incredibly irresponsible and erroneous hyperbole meant to rile up a segment of the GOP base. It makes me roll my eyes in wonder at what in the world has happened to the GOP and how it is that rational Republicans aren't outraged by Perry.

In my book, the only thing separating a guy like this and a mullah in the tribal regions of Afghanistan is which "flavor" of monotheism he wants to see become the law of the any cost.


Greg said...

Here's how I like to think most Christians think, and it's not the same way that Perry thinks. I just hope I'm right because the silence is deafening.

A Christian's Rebuttal to Rick Perry

Anonymous said...

Being a Christian Im going to have to defend Christians a bit. The Christians you see on TV and out on the street protesting are NOT the majority of Christians, in all they would make up less than %15 of Christians. To me and the majority Christians we could care less how people live there lives, yes we may disagree with the things that people may do but we will not go out publicly bashing them and trying to keep them from doing what they want, we as Christians are not to judge others as we ourselves are sinful, but help guide others to Christ. You marry a man, a woman, or a chicken for all I care. The reason I don't like Obama is not because of debt or how he has done as President, but for how has treated his voters. many Christians voted for him, and he even visited my Church, but then when he realized that the gay population was ripe for the picking he jumped sky high, going to equality rally's and what not, clearly going against his original supporters and proving that he is no different than any other politician these days, in the end the only thing that matters to him is getting re-elected, just like Bush, Clinton, and all the guys before them. On the Issue of gays in the military, that would probably make more problems then solutions. My family is all Military and I can tell you now, they would not be comfortable working with a gay person, and when your going to be in life or death situations problems like that simply do not have space as it threatens the cohesion of the team. Please be Aware that the radical Christians you see on the news are not the majority just as the majority of Middle Easterns are not Terrorist.

Greg said...

Thanks for your comments, Anonymous, but I grew more disappointed the more I read.

You started out saying you're not like the extremists and you don't care who marries whom. Sadly, you finish up by attacking the president for expressing his support for gay marriage and for our fellow citizens who are gay and who want to serve their country openly.

Respectfully, you really need to make up your mind. You can't have it both ways. Either you don't care - and even better, want to help - gays to be treated as equal citizens and fellow human beings, or you don't. There is no middle ground.

I'm curious. Why do you see the president's support for your fellow Americans as somehow "going against his original supporters" unless, of course, you are among those Christians - like Perry - who are, in fact, bigots, haters, and anything but Christ-like?

How is it exactly that Obama's support for gay marriage is somehow "going against" you and your religion (and his, too, btw) if you're not against gay marriage? No one is telling you that you have to marry someone of the same gender. All that's being said is to mind your own business, stop trying to criminalize it through Constitutional amendments, and let's starting treating gay marriages the way we treat any other marriage. We got past interracial marriage. We can get past the hatred that is keeping gays from getting married and having all the same civil rights and protections as heterosexual marriage.

We can, so long as people like you actually put aside all your fears, prejudices, and worries and speak up - demand - that your fellow believers do the same.

As for military service, you are aware that other countries like Israel allow gays to serve openly, right? I don't think anyone would legitimately claim they have any issues with team cohesion.

Frankly, you're concerns about cohesion in our military is an insult to those who serve. What, do you think gays just starting serving under Obama's administration? They've been there all along, and the only ones serving who have a problem with gays being open and treated as equals are haters and bigots and ought to be ashamed of themselves. They don't deserve to wear the uniform. They would have been the ones refusing to serve next to blacks, or Asians, or other non-Caucasians in a bygone era. Now that we've evolved past that hatred, they've found some new fellow soldiers to openly hate. Turns my stomach to think about them and what an insult they are to our country.

Greg said...

With all due respect, Anonymous, you have done a fine job of repeating the right-wing, extremist talking points so it's hard to take you on face value that you're not at least partially in that camp. I'm an atheist, so I really don't care what anyone believes until those beliefs are attempted to be made into law. In my mind, there's no difference between Rick Santorum and Osama bin Laden. They both want to live in a world where their religion is the only religion and where everyone is forced to live under laws based on those religions.

IMHO, Christianity in America doesn't seem to resemble Christ very much. If you want to see a segment of your religion that I have come to respect, you should check out The Christian Left.
( They seem to get it.

My advice is if you're truly not an extremist you need to stop trying to have it both ways. Positions like yours, frankly, are the biggest impediment to equality. It's easy to dismiss people carry signs that read, "God hates fags" as idiots, losers, and haters who may has well join up with the KKK and neo-Nazis.

But people like us have to accept that either gays have complete, total, and unconditional acceptance or they don't.

The outward bigotry coming from religious people is all too common and too prevalent these days. I fear it will only get worse until people like you stand up and hold your fellow believers accountable.

Unconditional equality is the only way any religion will ever convince me that they are followers of and believers in a teacher who taught love and acceptance above all else.

Anonymous said...

Here is what your problem seems to be, you think that everything needs to be one way or another but in reality that is false. If I don't care about my grass, it does not mean I either have to cut it, or add fertilizer to make it grow, just means I will leave it alone. Now, say Obama was a secret agent and worked loyally for the USA, but when he found he can get more control of he help China instead, then im sure you would be very displeased, because he is clearly going against the USA, same concept here. You generalize to much, if one is bad, they all are bad. Im not going to lie and say on Christians are pure, but in the end you can't read someones motives from the outside and judge the from your point of view. But seeing your an Atheist this comment is probably pointless because you will not be told wrong by a Christian on your own blog, but its okay, im not phased.

Greg said...

So as a Christian, are you saying that, like grass, you'll neither "cut" the gay community out of an equal treatment by society nor will you "fertilize" them by showing any love and support? Doing nothing, then, becomes the way you keep a clear conscious while people in our society are attacked, vilified, and ostracized? Is that what you think Jesus taught?

I'm have a harder time following the analogy about Obama, but no matter.

Either way, you're entitled to your beliefs and opinions. I just don't understand them. That's ok. It's why I keep this an open and uncensored blog so anyone who chooses to do so can express them.

Anonymous said...

If you want to interpret it that way then sure. But in the end Jesus taught us to love one another tell the world the good news. Whether you do it on TV, on a Street Corner or to a friend at dinner its all the same. Jesus did not teach us to go out an attack other religions and belief, nor did he do it himself. In the end a Christian's goal should be to bring people to the love of Christ and to save them from eternal damnation, and this can't be done if the person is attacked by Christianity. 78% of Americans claim to be Christians, Most aren't actually Christians and where the badge because its cool. And out of the "Actual Christians" few actually partake in bashing the gay community.

Greg said...

You seem like a reasonable person, Anonymous (and assuming it's been the same person throughout this discussion), but silence on an issue like gay rights and how people of faith are NOT living the teachings of Jesus pretty much puts you into the same group as those who outwardly bash verbally and even physically. Look, I'm glad you don't "bash" gays, but staying silent is just as bad. Unless and until people like you speak up in support of gays and call out your fellow Christians for their hate and hypocrisy, then I don't know how you and your fellow believers can actually claim to follow the "love another" part of the teachings.